• Provides a good structure to learn chords ★★★★★

    Really like this application as it gives me a good learning structure (never taken lessons) to learn guitar chords. The app forces me to play the correct tempo, is a wicked task master for correct fingering, and is very intuitive. Only downside is the program “hears” every little mistake better than the human ear. Some chords, particularly barre chords, can be frustratingly difficult to play to UberChords satisfaction. Overall, in the absence of a guitar teacher, this is an excellent way to learn and measure your progress. I recommend this app


  • It Works ★★★★★

    This app is absolutely phenomenal. I had never pocked up a guitar in my life. Im now 42 and learning to play. Ive been using this app for 2 months now and have learned so much. My family and I have noticed the progress and its all thanks to uberchord. This app is easy to use and teaches you in a way thats fun and works through progression and repetition without being annoying. I am not following along with songs. Learning new songs and loving every minute of it. The app is affordable for what it does and os worth every penny. Thank you for creating this app. Looking forward to making it to the very end and learning as many songs as possible from the library.


  • Love! Improved so fast! But... ★★★★★

    Absolutely love this app, I’m already having gigs and jamming with experienced artist! But... Is the app ever going to be optimized for bass as well as guitar? In addition to that, is there a way to start incorporate scales and soloing patterns? Thanks again Uberchord team!!


  • Good ★★★★★

    A good application for training


  • Almost ★★★★★

    So I am using iPhone XS and Uberchord app has a problem recognizing G/D. Uberchord is hearing and correcting me on the other chords just fine but G/D is hanging it up and slowing me down on my progress.


  • Great for beginners who dont want to pay for experience ★★★★★

    I have not paid anything on this app as of right now and I went from a guy with no experience to a guy that can strum many a chord at a campfire. Daily warm ups are very useful!

    ~xnova lover

  • Good exercises! ★★★★★

    I take lessons once a week, but this app has been a great supplement...I feel like I’m making better/faster gains since using it. A few snafus but overall a fun (& yet challenging) way to improve guitar skills!


  • Great to learn guitar ★★★★★

    I don’t have time right now to find an instructor and go to a lesson so this is a great way to learn on my own. I enjoy the structure of the lessons and the ratings. The complaint I have is the warm ups pull in chords I don’t know at all and are too hard (the bar chords are really hard for me. I have pretty small hands). Otherwise love this app.


  • Great for getting into guitar ★★★★★

    It’s free it’s easy and there’s no ads or membership you just need an account and I’m just beginning and it’s really easy to start. I just hope you don’t need to pay for a membership

    ~Drake the dragon boy

  • A revolution ★★★★★

    One of the finest apps on the App Store. In any category. Pure genius. Buy it


  • Great app ★★★★★

    Stoked to pick up my guitar and use Uberchord! I can see major progression in my playing. 🙌🏻🤙


  • Great ★★★★★

    Overall this app is amazing and very intuitive. The feedback system is cruelly correct in that you cannot progress until you’ve done the exercise correctly. Well done.

    [email protected])*$#

  • Fantastic ★★★★★

    Fantastic app! I am really enjoying it and will continue to be committed to learning and practicing the guitar!


  • Maxwelldion ★★★★★

    Great App


  • My Fingers Hate Me!!!!!!! ★★★★★

    I cant wait to come home and play. My wife says she is impressed at how well i sound already.


  • Really great use of technology ★★★★★

    I am just starting to learn guitar taking lessons and need a structured practice system Tried the demo and decided to subscribe and am so impressed and glad I did I am using the cord from Rocksmith and so far it works on my iPad. You have to use the camera doggle to plug in to the iPad Eventually going to get a irig for the other features So far mostly all chords are recognized but occasionally it has me replay the chords maybe Operator Errors:) I did find that Re-Tune helped recognizing my chords Thanks Developers great program and appreciate your time

    [email protected]

  • Guitar playing ★★★★★

    I love this site, especially the chord chart. It shows extended versions all over the neck. Really opens up your chord catelog


  • Very pleased! ★★★★★

    I’ve played classical guitar (nylon strings) for years in the classic style (footstool, reading notes, etc), but never really learned how to strum, play chord patterns and develop right hand rhythm. I am happy to report that I am really encouraged by my progress through these exercises. I’ve learned maybe 10 chords now, played through a few songs on the app and have greatly improved my right hand function, not to mention my confidence! These skills are a wonderful and welcome addition to my guitar experience!


  • Really helpful app ★★★★★

    Awesome Do it


  • Great app to start learning the guitar ★★★★★

    So far, it has been great experience. One has to go to songs and learn the other hidden course it has which helps you solidify what you learnt in the course. The start up warm up can be hard as you go along and discouraging. Songs are ok. It just teaches you rhythm. No lead stuff here. No theory either. It just helps you with the technique, somewhat, as you got to learn how to strum and use chords on your own. Tons of areas of improvement.


  • So Far So Good ★★★★★

    Only been at it for a short time but I feel like I’m learning, my fingers are killing me, but I believe that is a rite of passage I’m happy I purchased this app I think it will be helpful

    ~Ma banana

  • So easy to learn bite by bite ★★★★★

    It’s like guitar hero but with a real guitar. I started out knowing nothing and this make practice time really easy.

    ~Bitcoin Dude

  • Awesome ★★★★★

    I really enjoy this app. As a beginner it had never been so easy to start pickung up on chords


  • Super motivating! ★★★★★

    I’ve been getting in so much more practice. Very cool and fun app. The way the app shows how you are making a mistake is great. It can tell which sting/s your fingering is off. Pretty amazing!

    ~B. Saintly

  • Love. Love. Love. ★★★★★

    This app has helped me come so far and learn so much! Literally the best thing ever for learning guitar!


  • Angel ★★★★★

    Helps with everything from tuning to learning new chords.


  • Great beginner lessons ★★★★★

    Just learning to play and this was a big help for chord changes


  • Definitely recommend. ★★★★★

    This app actually motivates me to practice everyday. I feel like it starts you off with a good foundation and builds from there. I’m already feeling comfortable. I feel like this app will actually allow me to stick with it and learn guitar.


  • Do NOT get yousician! DO get Uberchord. ★★★★★

    They are very similar but Yousician will charge you for a full year if you don’t cancel the free trial. I feel that is shady as it gets, only the worst scam companies do that to people. They seem fraudulent. After my year subscription charge, I figured I’d make the best of it but then they terminated the feature for users to submit their own songs. They also removed the majority of their premium songs to an even more premium subscription. Do not support them. You can get a similar style of learning with Uberchord. They have a better price. And my experience with costumer service has been exceptional. They actually communicate with you like s person and not a money grabbing robot that says , too bad.